Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mushi-Shi with my father.

This show is creativity manifest.

It goes well...

With grapefruit and whiskey.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I find it funny that so many people are so outwardly upset about the Zimmerman verdict.

Before you get me wrong: I am upset, too.

The prosecution charged too high; they chose to fight for sensation rather than for justice.

But people act as though Zimmerman is getting away without punishment.

As though his life is not over.

As though he will not spend the rest of his days in hiding, forever looking over his shoulder and perpetually fearing for his safety during any and all public interactions.

Those who require vindication in order to cope with the fact that terrible things are bound to happen within a population of genetically imperfect beings can take comfort in the fact that Zimmerman's decisions will never again be truly his own.

Friday, July 12, 2013

JC Denton: "You said 'outside influences.' What does China fear?"

Isaac: "China is the last sovereign country in the world. Authoritarian, but willing—unlike U.N.-governed countries—to give its people the freedom to do what they want."

JC Denton: "As long as they don’t break the law."

Isaac: "Listen to me. This is real freedom: freedom to own property, make a profit, make your life. The West, so afraid of strong government, now has no government. Only financial power."

JC Denton: "Our governments have limited power by design."

Isaac: "Rhetoric—and you believe it! Don’t you know where those slogans come from?"

JC Denton: "I give up."

Isaac: "Well-paid researchers—how do you say it?—'think tanks,' funded by big businesses. What is that? A 'think tank?'"

JC Denton: "Hardly as sinister as a dictator, like China’s Premier."

Isaac: "It’s privately-funded propaganda. The Trilateral Commission in the United States, for instance."

JC Denton: "The separation of powers acknowledges the petty ambitions of individuals. That’s its strength."

Isaac: "A system organized around the weakest qualities of individuals will produce these same qualities in its leaders."

JC Denton: "Perhaps certain qualities are an inseparable part of human nature."

Isaac: "The mark of the educated man is the suppression of these qualities in favor of better ones. The same is true of civilization."