Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Some theists, who are determined for atheism to mean more than a lack of belief, note how fervent some atheists are in discussion and point out that fervency doesn't just come from a lack of belief. No, it doesn't. A great deal of fervency is a response to the hostility directed at us simply for not believing in gods. To being condemned, criticized, marginalized, and dehumanized by people who are unwilling to allow us to live our lives, who impugn our morality, who tell us we don't belong in the country in which we were born, who distort our education, attempt to monopolize government, and ostracize us for not participating in their rituals. Treat any group of people with such profound disrespect, and it would be surprising not to see fervency from some of them."

- QualiaSoup

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