Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Yes, it looks easy to make a smile, but it's really a complicated job. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can make a smile last a second. For me, a smile that lasts a second won't do; I want a smile that lasts a lifetime. For example, did you know that people can enjoy being frightened? Did you know that sometimes people start crying when they're happy? It's so tricky! That's why, in order to create a perfect smile, you need an environment that you can control. 

"That's why I created Smile Land: for that pure, sweet smile that must be protected—that wonderful smile that spreads happiness all across the world! I wanted to make a place where people could forget about reality—a place where they wouldn't feel the least bit frightened, until the very end. Yes, the citizens of Smile Land enjoy themselves from the moment they're born until the day they die. And when the end of the world inevitably comes, they won't know a thing. They'll just be as happy as ever. Isn't that amazing!"

- Will B. Good, Ergo Proxy

(For those unfamiliar with the show, Will B. Good is clearly intended to be a Walt Disney analog.)

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