Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two years ago, I watched through an anime series that, in many ways, changed my expectations of not only the animation medium in general, but also of myself.

I have been reminded of its impact on me - in one way or another - every single day since my original viewing of the series.

Today, after over a year of worrisome questions within the industry about whether or not it would ever be reprinted, I finally own Ergo Proxy.

Today, I am content.


  1. To have an affect on you everyday for two years after watching it, its got to be like the greatest thing ever. What is it about?

    1. It's difficult to quantify, really. It is about a lot of things: philosophy, individualism, the meaning and importance of society, the nature of deities, reason, insanity, war, sentience, politics...all set in a dark, dystopic, and indeterminate future.

      But, above all else, it is the setting that got to me the most. Certain elements of the show's theme are so infectiously interesting and well-executed that I feel as though they have been lain permanently into the folds of my daily consciousness.

  2. I love it when you find something that really resonates and enriches you. I will definitely check it out sometime.