Saturday, June 16, 2012

Step 1: Pour glass of Armenian brandy.

Step 2: Suddenly realize that said serving of brandy will push you over your daily calorie limit.

Step 3: Shrug shoulders dramatically and drink brandy anyway.


  1. I do an approximate running count of my daily calorie intake, but I see it as more of a guideline than a cold number. Within reason, it is nice on occasion to treat ourselves...whether it's brandy, a malt beverage, or a couple of Oreos.

  2. It is nice on occasion, I agree. I keep track of my diet, but I'm not super paranoid about it. But I had promised myself that particular night that I would not go over, and then I poured the brandy without thinking about it. For some reason, higher-proof spirits don't register to me as caloric until I start drinking it and suddenly remember that a 2 ounce serving of most liquors is around 120 calories.