Friday, May 11, 2012

I stare down at my toes as the warm water from my shower head falls upon my back.

I have been staring now for several minutes, and like a word repeated aloud too many times, they begin to seem...incorrect.

Alien, somehow.

They seem so out of place...

Just tiny bits of flesh and bone and ligament, protruding from each foot.

And yet they are so crucial; in control of the larger portion of my locomotion.

Everything about us is so strange.

To say that I do not like my body is an easy temptation.

But that would be silly.

I have lived in no other.

And yet, we seem so inherently inefficient.

So limited by our own biology.

Many people seem convinced that these very limitations are a critical part of what makes us human.

But if being human means being forever constrained by the inadequacies of our organic construction, then I eagerly await the day when I can adopt a new moniker.


  1. I appreciate your personal posts most of all.
    Rather than quotations.
    Perhaps it's because I hardly know you, I'm not sure.
    It just provides the feeling of understanding how you think.
    That feeling may be false, but still, it is reassuring.

    1. Well I am glad that it is reassuring. While my words are not an entirely accurate representation of what is in my head, I try to get as close as possible.