Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"The scientists conducting these studies have a common goal - to heal sick and injured men and women. Along the way, they're discovering a common fact. To heal our minds and bodies, we must understand them. And in understanding we gain the power to improve."

- Ramez Naam


  1. Very profound. Great justification for the importance of science and research for both medicine and self-improvement. (Really, I feel that the two concepts are strongly linked)


  2. Oh, they definitely are. I actually find it sort of funny that people get all worked up about using gene therapy to help cure illnesses that otherwise would be lethal, and yet they are perfectly fine with using pills and other sorts of drugs to cure or suppress other forms of disease and genetic disadvantage. The medication that we readily use today is just as much a method of human enhancement as gene therapy is. The only difference is that the medication that we have now is much more limited with regard to terminal and genetic disorders.