Friday, March 2, 2012

I know that it seems like the world can be a terrible place.

But one day we will be better.

One day we will surpass our own limitations.

One day we will realize the foolishness of violence.

But for now we must be patient.

We must be patient, and try not to die.


  1. If this is your way of thinking then I am certain now as to why I have no sense of patience.

    Despite being a very violent person myself, I hardly respect others who are the same way. Hypocritical, yes, but I do not believe in a day where there will be no violence.

    Instead of being patient, I believe we should be prepared. And instead of trying not to die, I believe we should be trying to truly live.

  2. I know that I will almost certainly not still be alive to see it happen, but I do believe that we will eventually move past our trends of violence.

    Or perhaps "hope" is a better word. It is more like hope. Given how far we have come, I have a hard time believing that we will ever stop advancing; that we will ever stop reforming.

    Now that we have the capacity to destroy all life on earth (via nuclear armaments), there will come a time when peace and cooperation is our only option if we wish to continue moving forward, and I have the firmest of hopes that humanity would choose cooperation over obliteration.