Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It is, at the very least, inconsistent to arbitrarily pick and choose which parts of the Bible one wants to consider moral and yet continue to claim that it is the source of all morality. The very act of determining which portions of the Old Testament are still valid and which are not indicates an inherent understanding of morality that stems from somewhere other than scripture. Claiming that the Bible is the timeless and inerrant word of God and then declaring some of its laws to be outdated or socially unacceptable is, to put it frankly, doublethink.

Homosexuals have never posed as a threat to the "sanctity" of marriage. To think otherwise is ignorance. I have the privilege of knowing first-hand that these are absolutely wonderful people who deserve every bit the same rights as the rest of us. We need to move on.


  1. Hayden,

    I want to know where you're coming from on this. My blog is about Christianity ( so I'd love to give you an answer for your questions but I am not sure I understand what you are asking exactly.

    Are you trying to say the Bible is wrong, Christians are wrong or the Christian God is wrong? Or are you trying to say Christians should give everybody else a break? Christianity sucks perhaps?

    I get the feeling that you are coming from a somewhat religious background but you are trying to reject the faith. Or are you just questioning the faith?

    I just don't get your point. I know you are really just venting but if you ever really want to talk about these things I am here and I love talking about the Bible.

  2. Doublethink. I love the 1984 reference. I think it is very appropriately placed.

    That photo is quite enlightening. I never really considered how varied the Biblical definition of marriage is. Although, there is a common denominator in those examples: male-female relationships. And there are verses in the Bible which condemn homosexuality. So I can understand why the zealots claim that the Bible is against gay marriage. They have a leg to stand on, however flimsy and transparent that leg may be.

    I don't want to sound like I'm disagreeing with you. I support gay marriage 100%. If you're committed and in love, you should be allowed to marry regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Kim Kardashian did more to destroy the institution of marriage in 72 hours than all of the same-sex couples on the face of the planet. We, as a society, need to move on and become more accepting. Thankfully, I think progress is being made. The outlook seems optimistic.