Thursday, November 17, 2011

"That'll be $1.61, sugar."

I extended the two bills in my hand over to the cashier.

She moved to the register and began to expertly enter commands into the device before suddenly saying, "You have really pretty hair."

"Thank you," I replied, sincerely flattered.

"Makes me sad," she said.

I looked at her, quizzically.

"I'm just joking," she stated.

Another cashier behind the counter was grinning widely, clearly amused by the events of our interchange.

"But seriously, I'm jealous," the first cashier continued.

"Your hair is prettier than any woman's. Makes me sad that my hair doesn't look like yours."

She smiled at me.

Her face was so warm; her eyes so kind that I had no choice but to smile back.

"Well, thank you," I said again, retrieving my soft drink from the counter as she dropped my change into my other hand."

"Anytime, sweetheart. Have a wonderful day."

"You too."

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