Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Just let it go."

"It wasn't right."

"You don't have time to worry about this right now."

"There will be others. You're still young."

"Don't let it get to you too much."

"I'm sorry. That sucks."

"Just stay busy. Keep your mind off of it."

"Keep your chin up. You'll be all right."

"You need to move on."

"You're better than this. Get up."

"This happens to everybody. Get over it."

"I told you to be careful."

"Just try to forget."


Stop it.

Stop it.

I want to forget.

I have tried to forget.

But how am I supposed to forget when I can not think clearly long enough to even figure out where to begin?

I have tried to forget.

But the alcohol only does so much.

I have tried to forget.

But the thoughts are so resilient; reverberating through my head with the rest of this relentless noise.

I can not forget.

And it makes me want to take a power drill to the side of my mind.


  1. Ironically, most of my knee-jerk responses to this post are cliches. So we'll bypass that route. Instead, I can tell you that I can identify with this post. I get the sense that this is about a significant other? I've had many times where taking a power drill to my head seemed like a much better alternative than thinking about a recent heartbreak, or the one that got away. And I've definitely used alcohol to forget a few special someones. So yeah, I'm with ya buddy. I hope time wipes away those persistent and troublesome thoughts.


  2. It drives me crazy when people tell me to be happy or to "keep your chin up". It makes me more upset. I prefer to be left alone. This also goes for my internal thoughts. When I try to force myself to snap out of it.

  3. My heart races when I read posts like this of yours.

    I connect with them, I guess.

    So thank you.

    1. This is one of the highest compliments that I have received on this blog.

      I am glad that you connect with them.