Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend in Columbia

Antique shopping in Columbia

Asian market weirdness


  1. Random commentary, gogo!

    I guess I'm going to chess hell too. I always just call it the horse... haha.

    Haha, Initial D.

    Oh wow @ the Asian supermarket. Those last cakes are so epic... haha.

  2. I do love these videos, but try not to get killed while filming :)

  3. Krista: The cakessssss were indeed epic.

    Elle: Don't worry. I'm a safe driver. I only really record on the interstate or places where I know that I won't have to let go of the wheel to shift.

  4. Haha like always, your vlogs are awesome.

    Even on a highway I could never film while driving. I would end up getting in an accident. So jealous of your mad skillz....

    And also, the days without shaving look works for you :P