Sunday, July 10, 2011

Testing my new camera out. Yes, I know that my hands are always in my hair. It's in that awkward "won't stay out of your face no matter what you do" phase.


  1. Mmm, Orangina. The stuff of legends. I always heard about this mythical drink during my French classes and have yet to try it.

  2. I'm still clueless as to what this Orangina stuff is.

    Also, multigrain pringles FTW.

  3. Well, you both need to make a point to give it a try.

    It is so good.

  4. I've never heard of Orangina... I just googled it. It's a carbonated citrus beverage. So, a soda.

    I like how you said "... but they are multi-grain" hehe...

    All these videos you post makes me want to grab my camera and start shooting some vids too... too bad my camera isn't working.

    I hope you keep posting more of these

  5. The, "It makes me feel like a fat American" comment made me smile. I have a stash of chip wrappers under me car seat... I think I'll have to stealthily throw them out soon.

  6. For you, anything, Karina. Haha, that's actually the primary reason why I bought a pocket HD camera. After deliberating for almost two years, I decided in a fit of arrogance that I felt like those who follow the blog might care to occasionally see what goes on in the life of this lonely engineering student as it happens, rather than always hearing about it through the filter of my own experience.

    So I am glad that you are enjoying them, and I will definitely be posting more of them every now and then.

    And dawndash, I know exactly where you are coming from. Let's just say that there is a reason why the camera was never pointed into the back seat.

  7. Oh my goodness, that video is such wonderful quality! The sound is incredible too!

    I miss chillin' with school friends.

    Your video reminded me of some of the mannerisms of yours that make you so fun to hang out're hilarious!

  8. This made me giggle. A lot.

    Thought you should know. :p