Thursday, July 7, 2011

NASA will be launching its final space shuttle, Atlantis, tomorrow at 11:26 a.m.

The space shuttle program is coming to an end tomorrow, and nobody cares.

I don't expect everyone to care as much as I do.

I never have.

I've understood for a long time that the things that fascinate me to the point of troubled breathing are not always fascinating to other people.

But I do feel like this is more important than the Casey Anthony trial.

Or the relentless stories about the man who was mauled by a bear in Yellowstone national park.

It's a tragedy; it really is.

But when you go to a place where bears reside, sometimes you might just encounter a bear.

Let me reiterate:

The space shuttle program is coming to an end tomorrow, and nobody cares.

I could just cry.


  1. I care. I find it rather depressing. I haven't been following the story, but what's their reasoning for ending it?

  2. I hope they don't end it and instead focus on other types of space exploration. Maybe they will still send people into outer space but will build different types of craft to do so?

    Until your post I was not aware of this issue at all. Isn't that sad? Everyone in the world is talking about Casey Anthony, or the bear guy, or how much the cast of Jersey Shore gets paid...but nobody pays attention to what truly matters. I will be sure to read up on this. Thanks for sharing the news.

  3. It's interesting how the media can shape our knowledge - like Shane, I wasn't aware that this was happening. Why are they ending it? Seems a pity - space is a pretty amazing place.

  4. I think that the primary reason that they're bringing it to a close is cuts in funding. They've been wrapping it up for a while now, but it's still very sad to see it go.

    The general public does not care about science for the sake of science. Once the race to the moon was settled, public interest in the space program gradually waned.

    NASA will be continuing to send up unmanned probes, which, to be honest, are just as good as the people at this point for what they need to do. People may be needed again in the future, but for now probes are the only thing on the schedule.

    I see why they are doing it, but it's still pretty upsetting to me. The lack of media attention is especially frustrating. I feel like more people should know.

  5. It was sad seeing the "final" launch (even though I didn't watch it live). I almost felt like I was watching someone give their last performance before leaving the world.

    I read your other posts. Your Washington D.C trip looked like a lot of fun! Those metro stations were pretty nice. The ones here are nothing compared to those. Well, it is Washington D.C... I'm sure everything there is a little bit more clean, and just well kept. There are people who try to maintain them clean but that's it, a try. Some elevators (depending on what part of the city the stations are) have a mixture smell of pee and lemon fresh. So, Lemon fresh always reminds me of pee and elevators.

    Anyway, glad you had fun =)