Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Asheville Weekend

I went to Asheville, NC with my family this past weekend. It's a cool place. I'd spend a bunch of time talking about it, but really we just walked around downtown and went to some art studios. So here's some videos instead:

We stopped by the visitor's center to get a map and look up hotels because every member of my family refuses to buy a GPS. The visitor center itself was unnecessarily nice.

Then we went downtown. There was a drum circle and some dancing hippies.

After it started to get dark, the street performers hit the downtown area full-force. There were musicians on just about every street corner. I ran out of tips and had to stop taking video, but here are a couple of the highlights.

As is the case with most people, I don't like spiders.

The next day we went to a bunch of open art studios and talked to some of the artists while we were there. There was a lot of really interesting art on display, but the only video I managed to get was of me helping a June bug.

Then we ended up at an antique store. It was all just junk, really, except for one rather strange item...

All in all, it was a good trip. I had a nice time, and I enjoyed being in a town with a strong artistic community and "downtown" culture for a change. There's really not a whole lot to say about the trip, as we mostly just walked around the area and took in the atmosphere. I did get a new pair of Vibram Fivefingers while I was there, and they are the most ballin' thangs ever

This is my second pair of Vibrams, and although I love the way my other pair feels, I have to say that these blow my old ones out of the water. I tried to take a picture of them on my feet to include with this post, but for some reason my ankles looked fat and out of proportion in every shot, so here's a link to the webpage instead. The only bad thing about them is that I can not wear them at work, so I unfortunately can not experience their most supreme coziness while I slave away at my computer.

Those of you who have never owned a pair of Fivefingers should seriously consider looking into it. They are a bit on the expensive side, and getting yourself properly sized can be a little tricky, but once you find the pair for you and get them broken in, they are worth every damn penny.


  1. My stepmother has a pair of those Fivefingers. I just can't bring myself to wear gloves on my feet...it feels like I'm upsetting the natural order of the universe.

    Speaking of her and my dad, they live near Asheville so I have been there many times. The city is amazing! Were you there for Belle Chere?

  2. Well...I would argue that conventional shoes are less natural than the Vibrams, but...I'm sure that you've heard it all before. I definitely stand by them.

    Or, should I say, "in them."


    Anyway, no we weren't there for any specific reason. We just went to get out of town for a bit. There was a bunch of stuff going on while we were there, though, so I guess that we were accidentally there for Bele Chere.