Monday, June 27, 2011

Washington: Part 1

So, as I've mentioned, I recently went to Washington D.C. with some friends of mine for a weekend vacation. It was a great time. We were staying with some relatives of the friends whom I accomponied, and we got into D.C. at about 5:00 AM this past Thursday morning. Our hosts were both high-ranking Air Force officials, one of which works in the Pentagon, so our Thursday was occupied mostly with going on a personally guided tour of the Pentagon's facilities. I obviously don't have any pictures of that, as they don't let you have electronic devices in the building, but it was a really cool experience.

The day after that, we went out on the town (specifically the Chinatown area) and essentially just meandered aimlessly. There's a lot to cover here, so I'll try to be brief so as to not make this post too lengthy. There are a few things from the trip that I'd like to talk about in more detail and in my regular writing style, but I will save those things for later posts.

As most would do, we started the day off by riding the metro into town.

 D.C. has a beautiful metro system.

After getting off the metro in Chinatown, we went to Urban Outfitters and shopped for a bit, and then proceeded to meander around aimlessly until something struck our fancy.

We eventually came across an interesting looking Cuban restaurant, and decided to eat lunch there.

Cuba Libre, Washington D.C.

The first and most important thing that I got here was their house mojito. It was fantastic. Cuba Libre uses fresh guarapa to sweeten their mojitos, meaning that they press the juice from raw sugarcane in-house every day. They also use real hierba buena, which is the traditional herb used in mojitos. It's a lot like mint, but is apparently not mint.

Dillon's food (poached Ahi tuna) was a work of art.

I had the sea bass.

Abby had octopus with a delicious (from what I'm told) truffle sauce.

Best meal that I've had in a long time.

And for dessert: Cuban espresso.

We were all intensely satisfied by our meal, and couldn't stop raving about how good it was, even two days after the fact. What started out as a weird, "let's just hop in here and see what's up" moment ended up being one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. I'm really glad that their sign just so happened to draw my interest. 

After lunch, we walked around for a bit longer and looked at some buildings before ending up at the National Building Museum.

I don't know what this building was, but it was gorgeous.

Building with an interesting gazebo thing on the top.

National Building Museum exterior.

We were absolutely astonished by the interior of this building.

The stairs in the museum were really old and worn down. Materials Science at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Engineering art!

I think that to keep this post manageable, I am going to split it into two parts. There is more on the way, but this is as good a part as any to leave off, I think. Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. yoo were you checking out your friend's ass in the first video...or was it just me??

  2. Nah, she was just in front of me the whole time.

  3. DC is very beautiful. Only been there twice and neither visit was very lengthy, but always wanted to go back and try out their metro. Thanks for posting the pictures to show us what the experience was like!


  4. DC looks lovely, the metro is so nice! You should see the one in Brussels, it's like a dump compared to that one. Amazing food as well, although that octopus dish would kind of freak me out, all those tentacles, not my thing!

  5. Yeah, I decided not to try the octopus. I developed a shellfish allergy about seven years ago, and although I know that octopus is not at all a shellfish, I haven't had it since the allergy manifested. I figured that it just wasn't worth the risk, especially seeing as how we were in a relatively unfamiliar area. But everybody else at the table seemed very impressed by it.

    I think that of all the areas that I have visited (to be fair, that's not very many), D.C. is one of my favorites. The city keeps everything so clean and up-to-date and presentable.

    It really is a beautiful place.