Monday, June 27, 2011

So apparently when I said "sparse" in my previous post, I really meant "completely absent."

My time in the capitol was a bit of a whirlwind, and we stayed pretty busy.

I did not even have a chance to sit down and write during the trip, much less post things onto the blog. I got back from D.C. last night, and I am looking forward to posting about the trip later tonight.

I wish that I had a teaser picture or story or something of the sort, but I woke up late this morning and did not think to grab my camera in my haste to get to work.

My camera actually broke while I was on the trip (yes, my brand new camera that I had bought four days beforehand), and although it was still mostly functional, I tried to limit my usage of the device so as to not ruin my chances of returning the thing. As a result, I don't have as many pictures and videos as I had hoped to procure, but I do have some.

I'm trying to decide whether I want to pull the "my experience with this device is ruined" approach with Best Buy's customer service and just ask for my money back, or if I just want to exchange the camera and hope that it won't happen again. It's likely that the problem I'm having is just a fluke, and there's nothing online about it, which leads me to believe that it is an isolated incident. However, although I like the camera that I bought, I've been thinking that I may want to look around a bit more and consider some other options.

If anybody has any suggestions for a good point-and-shoot camera, I readily welcome your input. I'm looking for something relatively small and compact that's easy to carry around (if not in a pocket, then at least in a small day bag) and is not highly involved. In other words, I want something that you can take out, turn on, take a picture, turn off, and put away. I'm also looking for something that shoots easy-to-upload but high quality video. The video is actually the main focus for me, as I already have a relatively decent still camera. When I started shopping for cameras, I was looking for a blog-type pocket camera like the Sony Bloggie or the Kodak Playtouch, and I've been thinking about exchanging mine for the unfortunately christened Bloggie, but it would obviously be nice to have both types of camera in one device if possible to cut down on bulk.

I feel like the Casio TRYX (the camera I bought last week) is a good option for a combined device, as it shoots relatively good stills and videos, but its multi-functionality means that it is lacking in some areas, and I'm starting to wonder if I wouldn't be better off just buying a super portable, single-function video camera to do a little real-time documentin' here and there. Also, when I bought the TRYX, I completely overlooked the fact that although it can record in full 1080p HD video, it does not compress the video files for storage, so it holds less than half of what a pocket camera of the same memory capacity would. Not really a huge problem, seeing as the battery life is only about as long as how much video it can hold, anyway, but it can still be a little bit of a hassle to always remember to empty your camera out every time that you charge it.

I think that, as of right now, I'm leaning towards the Bloggie, although I am a little hesitant about only being able to charge the battery through my computer, as my computer has been on the fritz for months now. The Bloggie hasn't gotten rave reviews online, but of the cameras of its sort, I think that it's the one that I like the best.

I hate buying electronics. Professional internet reviews are often too particular for the typical consumer, and the value from the simplicity and "human-ness" of user reviews is often outweighed by the average-skewing score variations from morons who post things like: "I dropped it in my bathtub and now it doesn't work. 1 out of 5 stars." I wish that I could just do what I did with the new television that I bought last summer and just walk into a store knowing what sort of features I want and just buy the thing that best fits my interests and price range. This sort of "ignorant consumerism" works wonders for buyer's remorse, but cameras are, unfortunately, a lot less straightforward than televisions, and I'd hate to end up buying a piece of crap when I could have gotten something awesome for the same amount of money.

This post is reminding me of this TED video by Barry Schwartz:

Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions or camera-related advice, feel free to share in the comments or send me an email at the address listed in the sidebar.


  1. I hate buying electronics too. Seems like as soon as you buy, something better comes along. And the landfills just keep getting higher with all our wasted junk.

    Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my little site, and for your kind compliments. Have a happy Monday!

  2. This is the point-and-shoot that I have:

    For the price it's a very functional point and shoot. Easy to use buttons, nice screen, and very sturdy (i.e. slightly heavy with 2 AA batteries) design. I can't say I've used it for video very often...but overall I've been very satisfied with it.