Sunday, June 19, 2011


We get it.

Ryan Reynolds is a very attractive man.

None of us will ever be as attractive as Ryan Reynolds.

We get it.


  1. Love this! At the risk of sounding sexist, it's funny how some women will complain because everyone compares them to celebrities...but some of those same people will foam at the mouth while talking about Ryan Reynolds and Johnny Depp. Double standard much?

  2. Yeah, it's certainly frustrating. I feel like if I even so much as mention an actress's looks without first lauding her acting ability, women will just think that I'm "typical" like all the other pigs out there. Maybe that's false, but I've had several direct experiences to back up the feeling.

    However, it seems to be perfectly fine when a woman openly finds a male actor attractive. Even furthermore, it seems to become acceptable for women to go see a horrible movie with the justification of "Yeah, but _____ is so hot!"

    I call bullshit.

  3. Amen. I echo your frustration. I often feel as though I must add a disclaimer to statements I make about female celebrities. For example I enjoy Taylor Swift's music...hey, it's a guilty pleasure. But when I tell people this I hear, "Oh, well we know why YOU like it. Because she's hot." To which I must reply, "No, I actually like her CD." In response, most call bullshit.

    Then a female can compliment Ryan Reynold's acting ability and nobody questions it. It is understood that she finds him attractive and appreciates him as an actor. However, as a male I can't appreciate the work of an attractive artist or actor because that makes me a typical shallow man.

    P.S. Green Lantern looks awful. I assume this is the horrible film you are referring to.

  4. Really? I don't call my male friends out with female actresses but that's probably because I enjoy looking at them too. Staring at Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is a totally valid reason to watch The Green Lantern.

    My favourite guilty movie is DOA - it's a crap film but the women are hot.