Friday, June 10, 2011

Nerve Endings

I can still feel you.

I can still feel the curvature of your back against the undersides of my forearms.

I can still feel your hands resting, pressing, sliding against my chest.

I can feel your legs around me.

Your neck against my lips.

I can feel your knuckles.

And how tightly they locked between mine.

I can still feel the gentleness with which you whispered my name.

As though you were afraid that it would shatter if spoken too quickly.

I can still feel your searing gaze.

Your hands pulling through my hair.

Your energy.

Your happiness.

Your body against mine.

The way that you asked for more.

Every fingertip.

Every touch.

Every movement.

Every breath.

I can still feel your smile, twisted in ecstasy.

I can still feel everything.

I can still feel everything, and it makes me want to tear off my skin.


  1. I feel your pain; I know exactly how you feel right now.

  2. Darn...sigh. I feel like I have a thousand things to say but no words to express them. Good job.

  3. The last line sent a shiver down my side. Beautiful.

  4. Thank you. You're both very kind.