Friday, June 17, 2011

I have reached a decision.

I am going to pursue an advanced degree in materials science.

Where I will go from there is still uncertain.

Research, most likely.

I don't know.

But there is one thing of which I am certain.

Polymers take my breath away.


  1. Wow, sounds exciting and very interesting - good luck! Furthering your education is always an exciting time, it gives you time you really focus on the topic that drives you to keep learning. I'm currently saving for my masters to hopefully start September 2012 and I can't wait to dive into another essay and spend days in the library (and I'm not even being slightly sarcastic!)

  2. That's wonderful. And believe me, I understand about looking forward to the work. I have one semester of undergrad left (I'm a little behind from switching majors), and I'm already looking forward to getting back into the work routine.

    My summers are typically so busy that I barely have time to learn anything.

    I hate that feeling.

  3. I hate that feeling too although, this year, being busy through the summer will be means-to-an-end in terms of learning and developing professionally for me. Plus it helps us to wind down and take a step back, without which it would be all too easy to burn out and not appreciate what we do when we are actually doing it.

    So enjoy it and enjoy the feeling of anticipation, rather than seeing is as a waste of time.