Monday, May 23, 2011

I had the most intense dream of my entire life last night.

And that is not hyperbole.

I have had "unconscious hallucinations" before.

At least that's what the doctors called them.

I have hallucinated mind-wrenching physical sensations into my own nerves in my sleep; manifested the most unsettling imagery permanently into my retinas.

And none of them have ever come close to the intensity of last night's dark reverie.

It was strange, really.

I experienced a brief period of consciousness every twenty minutes or so, becoming aware of my surroundings just in time to be plunged back into the eternal unlight of this fantasy realm.

The disorientation pressed sharp against my mind.

A prisoner of my own thoughts; aware of my dual existence.

Each reality more real in the context of the other.

Not sure how to break out.

Or if I even wanted...


I awoke this morning shaking, coughing, sick to my stomach, and pleading with my alarm clock.

"No no no. Please. Don't do this. I need to know."

It was not until after a moment's hesitation that I realized that it, by its very nature, could not hear me.

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