Thursday, March 17, 2011

Earlier, I was on my way down to the bathroom in the engineering building when I ran into a man slightly older than me doing push-ups on the stairs.

He saw me coming, and stood up to allow me passage.

We made eye contact, obviously, and he chuckled and shrugged and said simply, "Hey...gotta work some exercise in somehow, right?"

I chuckled in return and responded with a pleasant "yeah" as I passed the man on the stairs and continued on my way to the restroom.

It was such a simple, random encounter, but something about it seemed to lighten both of our moods a bit.

I can't speak for him, obviously, but he seemed so stiff and uncomfortable upon standing up, as though he had been caught doing something obscene or inappropriate. My non-judgmental smile seemed to relax him, though, and for a moment, we seemed to share a strange, unspoken mutuality in the often suffocating rigors of our field of study.

He needed to move.

I understood that.

His appreciation of this understanding was reflected in the creases of his grin around his eyes.

I don't know how I've survived occupying this windowless building for the majority of the past three years of my life.

I love people so much.

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  1. Love this. Those unspoken moments are awesome.