Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The feelings for her are not diminishing.

But...then again...I'm not trying.

She was the sexiest being that I have ever encountered.

She was the only person with whom I did not have to struggle to communicate.

My struggle with words still remained.

There is always the struggle with words.

Ever since I realized what it means to truly speak, there has always been this infernal struggle with words.

This lapse of time between my thoughts and their respective phonetic constructions.

This lapse; this waste of time.

This time time TIME TIME!

But she was different.

She seemed to understand from the start my difficulties with language.

Although I am sure that I did anyway, I never felt the need to apologize; the need to explain myself.

She never had to tell me to take my time.

She never had to tell me that it was okay.

She never grew impatient or restless or took my silence the wrong way.

She was simply there, always interested in whatever it was that I was preparing to pass through my lips.

Aside from my occasional vagueness or unclear syntax, she never expressed doubt about the things that I said.

She understood my calculatory approach, and although she did not share in my overly-careful mindset, she never interfered with the process.

She recognized without provocation the importance that I place on structuring my speech.

She seemed intrigued by the intermediate step.

She was not "put off" by my hesitations.

She exhibited no awkwardness during my lapses into incompetence.

She was just there, patiently waiting.

Patiently waiting with her magnificent eyes.

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