Sunday, December 26, 2010


With the primary holiday of the season come and gone, I am beginning to realize that I think I need a little bit of a break from this blog.

Not long; maybe just two weeks or so.

But between working during the winter break, putting time into this short story idea, friend and family obligations (good obligations, of course), and trying to switch Drinkable Review over to its new site before I head back to school, I really just don't have a lot of time for other writing.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but I am in the process of moving Drinkable Review over to its own dedicated URL. I have been considering doing this for some time, but some unexpected and recent developments have finally inspired me to action. The review is starting to gain a teensy bit of notoriety, and I think that for the sake of optimal traffic control and potential advertising benefit, it would be best to just switch it now before the archive gets any bigger than it already is.

But the primary reason for this hiatus is, as much as I hate to say it, that I think that I just need a little bit of a break from journaling.

I need to get away from my written thoughts for a little while and allow myself some time to refine some of my new ideas, opinions, and stories.  

I intend to continue posting from time to time throughout this hiatus, but the posts will likely be along the lines of my more initial content (mostly just pictures and brief quips about things that I see around town). While this may appeal to some of you out there who have been reading from the start, others who wish to be notified when I return to form may send me an email at the address listed in the sidebar.

As I said, I will not be gone long. This is, more than anything else, just a technical break while I work out some issues with some of my other online ventures, but I do think that the time away from my writing will offer me an opportunity to further improve the content that I have planned for the next few months.

Anyway, before this gets too long, I just want to say thanks in advance for your patience while I work through some of the other things that I have going on right now. Keep checking back from time to time, as this is in no way a complete abandonment of the blog despite my utilization of the term "hiatus," and I will definitely be back on track by the time I return to school.

I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their respective holiday seasons, and I look forward to getting back to work here on Ultimate Gourmet come mid-January.


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