Thursday, December 30, 2010

I apologize for the crappy picture quality, but my phone camera is the only way for me to get pictures onto my computer at wor--uh...this place that I am at right now where it's actually totally cool for me to be on the internet and I'm not slacking off.

Okay, fine, I'm at work, but I'm working with Pro/ENGINEER and there's only so long that you can stare at one model without blinking before you start making mistakes.

Anyway, I received this mouse for Christmas from my parents. I had been needing a new wireless (it's corded in the picture, I know, I will explain) mouse because I broke the scroll wheel on my old one carrying it back and forth to class with me every day. It was a sad, sad day when it happened, as that mouse has served me well over the past few years. I'm still getting used to the feel of this one, but I've become pretty comfortable with it already, and I'm really liking the feature set. It's a Razer Orochi: Razer's first wireless gaming mouse, from what I understand. Now, I'm not a gamer anymore, but there's no reason why non-gamers should not be allowed premium mouse features. The mouse connects wirelessly through bluetooth, but it comes with a USB cable that plugs into the front of the mouse under the scroll wheel and allows the mouse to run off of the computer's power (rather than using the batteries) and operate at twice the DPI. Wireless mode hits up to 2000 DPI, which is more than enough for me, but the mouse is more powerful than that.

The Orochi has seven buttons: three as usual (left, right, and center click), and two on each side. The mouse is programmable, and the software allows you to customize each button. Right now I have forward and back buttons under my thumb and DPI adjustment buttons on the right. One thing that I really like about this mouse is that instead of saving your settings in the software used to customize the burrons, it saves a profile directly to the device so that if you take the mouse elsewhere, your customized settings remain. Also, the scroll wheel clicks to the right as well as straight down, allowing the center button to be clicked with the side of the finger instead of lifting it off of the left button. This will surely seem like a small conveinience to many, but I have been using it with Pro/ENGINEER today and it has made a world of difference, as center click is used frequently.

Anyway, it's a great mouse, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a versitile and relatively inexpensive high-quality mouse. My only complaint is that some of the edges in the plastic have kind of rough edges, but it's not a big deal. Your hand will find a comfortable way to sit.

Also, the scroll wheel glows like something out of Tron, which makes me shiver inside when I look at it.


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