Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She doesn't want this anymore.

I don't blame her.

Why would anybody want this?

Why would anybody settle for the inadequate?

It was ludicrous for me to ever think that a being such as myself could imbue happiness within another individual.


  1. You make plenty of people happy. You are fun to be around. People love reading your blogs. You may not make her happy, but that does not mean you are nothing.

  2. Not true! I don't know you extremely well, but I've been around you enough to know that you are an intelligent, sweet, and very pleasant person to be around. You're well-rounded and you have a lot going for you. I don't know the story behind this blog, but just because one person doesn't want you, doesn't mean no one ever will. You're a catch, and I don't think you realize how lucky a girl would be to have the privilege to be with you.

  3. Well thank you. That's very kind.