Friday, October 15, 2010

I finished Ergo Proxy two nights ago.

It was really, really good.

I highly recommend it.

In other news, it's fall break and I don't care.

I just want the school work to start back up so that I have something to do.

This boredom only makes the emptiness of my bedroom more apparent.

And my money from working all summer is not holding out too well, so it's harder for me to go out and do things with people, because at this age, "free outings" can be quite rare.

My currently non-replenishing alcohol supply is running low, too.

But I'm sure that my friends will be happy about that.

Apparently people think that I'm an alcoholic.

Is it because I know how to mix a few drinks? Is that weird for a college student? Should I just down the Bud Light like everyone else? Then I'd just be a normal college student who gets drunk every other night at some party and not an alcoholic who has maybe two small drinks a week in the comfort of his own home, right?

If that is the problem, then I'm pretty confused, because it's sure as hell not an issue when the drink is being mixed for you.

I just don't understand why people "joke around" all the time about me having a problem just because I admit to enjoying alcoholic beverages. Everybody that drinks them enjoys them. They're lying to you if they pretend like they don't. And how is it better if somebody hates what they are drinking and is drinking it solely for the effects?

Why am I an "alcoholic" because I am capable of enjoying a drink on my own from time to time?


  1. Maybe you're a little too worried about what other people say about you?? Have you thought about volunteering somewhere like a science center? It would get you out, give you something worthwhile to do, allow you to meet interesting people of all ages who don't spend their time chugging beer, AND it's FREE. It could give you the sense of purpose for which you seem to be searching. Sometimes it takes breaking out of ourselves and trying something completely new and different to become our best selves.

  2. Well, it's not so much that I'm worried about the criticism, it's more that I don't want my close friends to actually think that I have a problem, because I don't. And the jokes just get old after a while.

    I actually hadn't thought about volunteering at a science center. That's not a bad idea, and I might look into it. The only problem is that my curriculum is so stringent that I barely even have time to finish my work, much less take on another external responsibility.

    But thank you for your comment. I will certainly give it some consideration.

  3. People say I'm an alcoholic just because I know how to mix a drink and I have knowledge of alcohol. I feel the same way about alcohol as you do, though I do tend to get pretty drunk at parties. You and I are not the norm for are age in things concerning alcohol, therefore we must have some sort of problem. I'd say people who drink to get drunk and drink shitloads of beer are the real alcoholics. Consuming a small amount of alcohol for pleasure daily does not an alcoholic make. You're alcoholic when it is your desire to get drunk and you go out of your way to do so and when it interferes with your life.

    If only it were 30 years ago when drinking alcohol was just something men did (Also, I would be able to smoke indoors, but that's another matter).