Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, I officially had my first kitchen disaster.

I was cooking a spiced frittata with tomato sauce, and when I went to flip it over, catastrophe ensued.

To flip a frittata, one must hold a plate over the pan, flip the entire system, and then slide the frittata off of the plate back onto the pan. I had my plate in place, ready to flip, but as I flipped, the plate slipped away from the pan, and the entire frittata slid out onto the burner, where it immediately lit on fire.

After spilling nigh boiling grease all over my left forearm, I placed the pan onto my cutting board, ruining the surface of the board in the process as I prepared to put the fire out. I realized, however, that it was a grease fire (due to the oil that I used to coat the pan), and immediately stopped filling the bowl I had grabbed with water. I decided to just wait a few seconds, during which I thought I was going to vomit from stress, calculating that the fire would extinsguish itself, and after a few more seconds, it burned out.

So I filled the room with smoke, I burned my arm pretty badly, I ruined my cutting board, and I had a huge mess to clean up, all on my second day in the new apartment.

What a shitty night.

No more frittatas.

What a stupid food.

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