Friday, August 27, 2010

These sunglasses...

Let me tell you something about these sunglasses.

These sunglasses have been through a lot. Lost, bent, re-bent, scratched, thrown, sat upon, stepped upon...everything.

And yet here they are, still with me. 

Today marks the third time that I have lost these sunglasses and had them returned to me by a third party. I lost them on my way to class exactly a week ago, today. It was pretty frustrating to lose them because I was involved in a tennis accident in high school (torn iris) and was left with a slightly slowed ocular reaction speed and thus sensitivity to sudden changes in light intensity in my right eye. Sunglasses help a good bit, and I almost always wear them outside while the sun is out. Not having them for a week has certainly been strange.

But today on the bus ride back to my apartment, the bus driver (whilst stopped at a red light, of course) held them up and asked if they belonged to anybody. 

I was amazed and overjoyed. 

Well, maybe not overjoyed. Maybe just joyed.

I can not lose these damn glasses. 

I am invincible.


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