Sunday, August 1, 2010

The sun is coming out.

The forecast said that it was supposed to be overcast and rainy all day today.

We need to get better at this.



  1. yeah they suck at this. hows diamond treating you?

  2. Oh I've been playing Diamond off and on for three years now. My goal right now is to evolve my Graveler into Golem (my all-time favorite Pokemon), but he's being a little snot and won't.

    I love Pokemon, but it's a very polarized game for me. I'll go through phases where I stay up until 4 in the morning playing it in bed, and then I'll go through phases where I don't touch it for weeks. But every time that I come back to it, I remember why I love the series.

  3. Don't you have to trade Graveler to evolve him into Golem?

  4. Lol I was about to say that. I wish I could help but I never installed my wireless internet :(

    Every time they release a new one my love is renewed but after the adventure twice, I just can't play it anymore.

  5. Don't be down, my favorite pokemon (alothough he sucks at defense really badly) is Alakazam. I only used him once because of my sisters DS.

  6. Shit, are you joking?

    I've been working on my Kadabra for months, too.

    Damn did I forget about the trading requirement?