Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Okay...two things.

First: I think that it's fairly safe to say that the west wasn't won on beef, either. Cows were not exactly a common commodity during the colonization of North America. Also, due to inadequate methods of preserving meat for extended periods of time, meat was probably not a huge part of the colonial diet and was most likely considered a delicacy and saved for special occasions. It is probably accurate to say that "salad" was not largely enjoyed by the colonists, either, as it was probably rare that any one person had a large variety of vegetables simultaneously available to him or her at any given time, but I would imagine that fruits and vegetables and other things that are easy to cultivate and grow and don't need to be hunted probably constituted a large part of the colonial diet.

Second: The west was not "won." The west was violently taken. The land that the colonizing forces wrested from the natives was not some prize to be procured through noble battle. It was a "victory" achieved through heartless, murderous, and malevolent force justified by the despicable notion of manifest destiny. What the early settlers did to the natives was and in a lot of ways still is disgusting, and you need to stop regarding it with pride.

So enjoy your victory beef, my ignorant, misguided, carnivorous, southern friend.

And by "enjoy your victory beef," I actually mean "fuck the fuck off."

I will eat salad all I want.


  1. I officially LOVE this post XD
    This is like a rant that needs to go in a movie or SOMEthing.