Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am convinced that the reason that people do not foresee change in the world is because nobody believes in it.

People don't change because everybody has fooled themselves into believing that we can't. Or won't. It doesn't matter, really, because they're both bullshit perspectives.

Most of the people with whom I engage in discourse about this (this meaning social, economic, and political change) think about it for a while and then typically resolve their opinion to, "Well, that would be nice, but I don't see people changing like that any time soon. You need to be realistic about this, Hayden."

I am being realistic about it. One of the most real notions to me in my life right now is the idea that we create our own reality. Not necessarily as individuals, but as a general world populous, the way that we run our society is entirely up to us.

Why is it "lofty" or "unreasonable" to envision a world with less hunger, less poverty, less war, less intolerance, less greed and selfishness, less voluntary ignorance, less stifled thought and emotion, less oppression, or any combination of the above (plus others)? Why is it wrong for me to want to live in a world in which people help each other every now and then? Ugh, even a reality in which the United States adopted the SI units of measurement would be a step towards a better world. That may seem silly to many, but you'd be surprised how much frantic opposition that I get from people about that.

Why is it not respectable to harbor humanitarian opinions?

Why am I a dreamer when I suggest that we help the impoverished?

People always talk about how nice it would be to live in a "better world," (whatever your idea of a better world may be, assuming, of course, that it does not come at the disadvantage of specific groups of people) but then at the end of the discussion people just give up and assume that it's never going to happen because "people are just too stubborn" or "there has always been and always will be war."

I'm tired of it. People always say that no one person can change the world, and I don't understand where that comes from. It usually takes one person to start a movement.

No matter what people tell you, thoughts and ideas can change the world. I believe that thoughts and ideas are what changes the world.

I'm convinced that we can do this. I, unlike many of my peers, have great faith in humanity. I don't see how you can look at how far we have come and then turn around and tell me that we can't go any farther.

Progress will never stop, as long as there is a desire for it.

The growing lack of desire is what troubles me.

We can fix some of our issues. We can change this world.

We just have to want and believe in that change, and have the courage and strength to act.

All of the most dangerous "forces of evil" in the world have had the courage to act upon that which they believe.

It's absurd to believe that the rest of us can't.

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