Saturday, May 15, 2010

Salon Story

I went to the salon today and got my hair cut. Yes, I go to a salon. Yes, I have a regular stylist.

I take good care of my hair.

Anyway, I had an interesting experience at the salon today, which I will now convey through a conversation that I had with a friend of mine about it earlier:

(5:47:36 PM) Oxymoronic: ugh
(5:47:40 PM) Oxymoronic: finally back
(5:47:49 PM) Amanduh: how'd it go?
(5:48:02 PM) Oxymoronic: great
(5:48:09 PM) Oxymoronic: I'm all sexy and neat now
(5:48:16 PM) Amanduh: fabulous.
(5:48:18 PM) Oxymoronic: well...probably minus the sexy
(5:48:25 PM) Oxymoronic: I had a weird experience in the salon
(5:48:25 PM) Amanduh: ahah
(5:48:27 PM) Amanduh: awes.
(5:48:29 PM) Amanduh: ooo
(5:48:30 PM) Amanduh: do tell.
(5:48:43 PM) Oxymoronic: well, first of all, my stylist and I talked about Twilight the whole time
(5:48:58 PM) Amanduh: ..hmm..
(5:49:08 PM) Amanduh: that;s.. different.
(5:49:13 PM) Oxymoronic: yeah
(5:49:30 PM) Oxymoronic: but at one point, she had me turned around
(5:49:35 PM) Oxymoronic: and was entering me from behind
(5:49:42 PM) Oxymoronic: just kidding
(5:49:44 PM) Amanduh: entering you? 
(5:49:45 PM) Amanduh: omfg.
(5:49:48 PM) Amanduh: >.<
(5:49:52 PM) Amanduh: gees hayden!
(5:50:03 PM) Oxymoronic: but she had me turned around, and was cutting the back of my hair
(5:50:11 PM) Amanduh: yes..
(5:50:16 PM) Oxymoronic: and this old woman in the seat next to her happened to be facing me
(5:50:26 PM) Amanduh: hahaa
(5:50:41 PM) Oxymoronic: like, she was to my left
(5:50:57 PM) Oxymoronic: and at one point my stylist moved and the old woman said, " I have a good view."
(5:51:04 PM) Amanduh: LOL
(5:51:12 PM) Oxymoronic: and in my head I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!"
(5:51:17 PM) Amanduh: hahahah
(5:51:20 PM) Oxymoronic: and then my stylist joked around with her
(5:51:26 PM) Amanduh: did you get her number? ;)
(5:51:30 PM) Amanduh: you hunk!
(5:51:33 PM) Amanduh: lololololol
(5:51:53 PM) Oxymoronic: I guess it wasn't that creepy
(5:52:00 PM) Oxymoronic: it actually felt kinda good
(5:52:01 PM) Oxymoronic: kinda
(5:52:15 PM) Oxymoronic: but it was still not what I expected from my salon visit today
(5:52:15 PM) Amanduh: ego boost?
(5:52:27 PM) Amanduh: ahahha
(5:52:31 PM) Amanduh: well, it sounds like..
(5:52:34 PM) Amanduh: a fun violation.
(5:52:38 PM) Oxymoronic: haha
(5:53:01 PM) Oxymoronic: eh, violations are welcome
(5:53:25 PM) Amanduh: ..... tsk tsk
(5:54:40 PM) Oxymoronic: hey, it's not like I'm getting them from women my age
(5:54:47 PM) Oxymoronic: I might as well enjoy them when I can
(5:54:51 PM) Amanduh: sure..
(5:54:57 PM) Amanduh: and im sure she's experienced.
(5:55:04 PM) Oxymoronic: bahaha
(5:55:10 PM) Amanduh: ;)
(5:55:12 PM) Oxymoronic: okay...let's stop there
(5:55:17 PM) Amanduh: no no..
(5:55:18 PM) Amanduh: lets not.
(5:55:19 PM) Amanduh: haha
(5:55:35 PM) Oxymoronic: as...appealing as this fantasy is, I really can't afford to get all riled up right now
(5:55:40 PM) Oxymoronic: we're about to go to a movie
(5:55:51 PM) Amanduh: oh.
(5:55:55 PM) Amanduh: i shall stop giving you images.
(5:55:58 PM) Amanduh: what movie?
(5:56:15 PM) Oxymoronic: Naughty Grannie Whores 7
(5:56:21 PM) Oxymoronic: or maybe Iron Man 2
(5:56:23 PM) Oxymoronic: we're not sure yet
(5:56:24 PM) Amanduh: LOLOLOLOLO
(5:56:31 PM) Amanduh: oh youuu 
(5:56:32 PM) Amanduh: lol
(5:56:43 PM) Amanduh: i kow which you'd prefer ;)'s not true, I swear!



  1. Hahaaaa. This is one of the many benefits of the elderly, along with their 15% discounts. You really can get away with everything, including blatantly and creepily checking out people 1/4 of your age.

  2. But really, that must have been super uncomfortable..

  3. Haha, kinda was. It was kinda funny and charming or whatever at first, and then I realized that she was actually serious...