Thursday, April 15, 2010

I just got back from my Dynamics test.

Actually, I got back at around 9:30. I've been in the shower since then.

That was probably the most hardcore test that I've ever taken.

He told us to just turn in our homework to be graded as a test, but I still had four problems left to do, so I had to do them in the most hectic whirlwind of haste in which I have ever been.

And, to make matters worse, my calculator's batteries died with about thirty minutes of test left. Luckily, I had anticipated this and brought replacement batteries with me. However, as I was changing the batteries, one of the old ones had apparently exploded, and I got battery acid all over my right hand.

So I had to sit there for the rest of the test with my skin burning.

Dynamics be crazy, yo. On the realz.



  1. I'm sure the teacher would have let you wash BATTERY ACID off your hand! I hope it's ok. Wow.

  2. I didn't have time.

    My skin wasn't corroding off or anything. It just stung.

  3. You didn't finish your dynamics homework! Man, that must have been something when you heard him say to turn it in as your test...

    I hope your hand feels better.