Thursday, March 25, 2010

I was just thinking about this in the bathroom of the engineering building:

You know what I don't understand?

I don't understand why people tell me that I'm gross when they (somehow) discover that I flush bathroom toilets with my hand as opposed to my foot. I didn't realize that it was that strange.

The only assumption that I can draw from you thinking that it's gross is that you don't wash your hands when you're done.

Ew. Gross.

I also don't like unnecessarily huge toilets like those found in industrial public restrooms. There's no reason for a toilet to take up half of the bathroom stall and be entirely enclosed all the way back to the wall. Toilets have pipes. It's okay to see them. In fact, I would prefer it over sharing my space with a gargantuan porcelin behemoth.

If I may be crude for a moment, toilets like that say one thing and one thing only.

"Yep...this is a machine for shittin'."



  1. i think those giant toilets are for fat people.

  2. nop, i think they're huge too, and i keep having to balance on the edge for fear of falling in.

  3. Haha, I always use my hands, except when I'm in a hurry and I need to double task. I'll be zipping and buttoning up my pants while I flush the toilet with my foot. I wash my hands, and everyone should too- there would be less germs spreading.

    There was this girl I knew, an old friend (when I was still in high school), who would go to the bathroom, wash her hands and come out without drying them. She would pretend wipe herself on me, and be like "ew it's pee karina it's pee" lol.... it's kinda stupid, but I'd always think, if she was a guy then okay, maybe someone bumped into you and you peed on your hands. But she was a girl, and how can pee get in a girl's hands? Unless she peed with her hands in the toilet. Haha.... i know it's stupid but it made me laugh