Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So apparently there is a huge group of lawyers preparing to take Cern to court on the grounds that "the Large Hadron Collider is gon' make a black whole that went done gon' swaller up the Earth."

This is bullshit. I thought that we had gotten over the whole black hole myth a long time ago. Why is it coming up again? And why with such rampant fervor this time? Cases have been brought up against Cern before, and they've never gone anywhere, but the people at Cern seem to be worried this time, as the assault group rallied against them is pretty considerable. They're worried that the number of people organized against them is going to cause the judges to not do the research necessary to understand the science and will just rule against it out of fear or laziness.

This is why I hate the media. This is why I hate mainstream opinions about science. It is because THEY ARE ALWAYS WRONG. People don't take the time to look into the media's claims of death and destruction. They just assume that the media must know what it's talking about and accept what is said in the newspapers and on the television at face value.

"The Hadron Collider is going to destroy the universe."

"NASA is going to blow a huge chunk out of the moon and it is going to be THE MOST GOD DAMN EXCITING THING YOU WILL EVER SEE!"

"Cell phones cause cancer. We have proof."

Stop listening to them. Please, I am begging you. They don't know what they're talking about. They say the things that they say to get peoples' attention and bump up their ratings. It sickens me when these mainstream lies just get accepted as truth and then they snowball into things like this task force against the Hadron Collider. Yes, I can concede that there has been some uncertainty as to what is actually going to happen if we find what we are looking for with the LHC project, but the scientists and technicians involved would not be investing every cent of their funding and every minute of their time into this project if it stood to destroy everything for which our ancestors have worked. What sort of progress would that be? I don't think that a universe-smashing black hole is anywhere in our imminent future.

To think that we as finite human beings currently have the means to create and sustain a singularity large enough to engulf the entire planet is arrogance in its most essential form.

If these lawyers win this case, it's probably going to set the project back several years.

These are the things that make me want to scream.


  1. I've said written this mainly times before, so I'll just paraphrase.

    1. Cosmic rays hit the Earth ALL THE TIME, and they have more energy than anything the LHC will make. As far as I know, they haven't destroyed the world.

    2. Say we do make a black hole. Ok, we have a black hole with the mass of 2 protons. Being a black hole doesn't mean it gains any greater ability to distort space. It still has the mass of 2 protons.

    3. Again, say we do have our 3.35 x 10^-27 kg black hole. It's in a vacuum. What the hell is it going to suck in? Why do people seem to think there is other stuff in a particle accelerator other then the stuff it's accelerating? If there was something else in there it would screw up the experiment.

    4. Assume everything else I said somehow fails to convince you. Black holes aren't eternal. They "evaporate" (kinda). Any black hole on the scale suggested would evaporate instantly.

    5. Who even said that this could happen? I think it was a lawyer. So basically a lawyer thinks he knows more about particle physics then a particle physicist does.

    But anyway, where did you see this getting steam? The last time I heard anyone complain was like a year or two ago.

    And don't worry, I guarantee you that the experiment will go on. I've never really even met anyone who actually thought we were all going to die.

  2. Precisely. I am so sick of this bullshit.

    I read about it in New Scientist about two weeks ago. They're a pretty good magazine.