Monday, March 15, 2010

Some friends of mine and I watched the first Bryan Singer X-Men movie a few days ago. That was the first time in a while that I've seen that movie, and I had kinda forgotten how good it is. It can be incredibly cheesy at times, but the overall story is really well thought out, and the characters and actors are fantastic (although Rouge's accent is pretty ridiculous). 

The second one was great, too, but why does everything X-Men seem to somehow end up hinging on Wolverine. I mean, I know he's important and all and he is one of the more interesting characters in the franchise, but it seems to me like he gets a little bit too much attention. For example, I find Beast to be a much more interesting character, and I was enthralled when I learned that Kelsey Grammer (I love Kelsey Grammer) was cast for the role in X-Men 3. I was severely disappointed, though, as Beast's role consisted of saying a few things about the anti-mutant serum and then swinging around a pole in the last scene of the movie. Meanwhile, Wolverine is off somewhere courageously harming himself to save the world. Again. 

I's just weird to me that Wolverine gets all the credit when there are a lot of other characters to be utilized.

Sigh...what am I talking about? My procrastination knows no bounds. 

Okay, fluid mechanics. I'm coming, I'm coming. Settle down.


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