Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have I mentioned on here before how much I love apples?

They are so good. I think that they are the best fruit to just pick up and eat. There's just something inviting about an apple sitting around that other fruits of its ilk don't share. Pears are too messy and juicy...bananas are sticky and covered in peel...oranges are impenetrable...the list goes on. The apple is just the perfect handheld fruit.

Anyway, because I am a big fan of "fucking the system,"  as they say, I'm making myself some lima beans for breakfast. Take that, establishment! Honestly, though, I really don't understand why certain foods are deemed as only appropriate for certain times of the day. It's totally arbitrary. Why is bacon a breakfast food and broccoli a side to supper? Who set these rules, and why is everybody so grossed out when I break them?

We've been conditioned, ladies and gentlemen. We've been conditioned to eat what the man tells us to eat when he wants us to eat it. We need to break out of this oppression!

Although I do hold the above statement to be true, I'm mostly joking. The main reason that I don't eat breakfast foods is because they are vile, and I hate them. For some reason, breakfast in America typically consists of disgusting, greasy meats, cholesterol-filled eggs, some sort of fried or baked dough (and in the south, the nutritional value gained through baking rather than frying is demolished by slathering sausage gravy all over the biscuits), and grains. The grains are really the only ones that I can eat and still feel all right about myself by the end of the meal.

But why do we limit ourselves? Why is this deemed as "Breakfast" with a capital B? There's a whole world of food out there. Stop eating this nasty crap first thing in the morning. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb here:

Stop eating that nasty crap. Period.

There, I said it. You eat nasty crap for breakfast.

What'choo gon' do?



  1. I love apples too, I have one at least once a day. The only apples I don't really like are the green ones, but all others are good. Bananas are too sweet for me, if I have one I'll have like two bites and that is it. Pears are good too, I like pears- the brown ones not the green ones.

    You are right about breakfast... I don't like what people consider "breakfast". I mean, I'll have some eggs every now and then but I'm not into bacon and sausage and all that... I mean. Eghk! Yuck. I like eating healthy. Though I don't mind indulging in something "bad" every now and then, but not everyday! If I eat that everyday I would feel nasty, not so much about being fat but about being unhealthy. The only "breakfast" that I eat is either whole grain cereal, or oatmeal, or I might make an omelet. That is about it. Other than that I could eat black beans with mexican rice or tomato-noodle soup. Omg, that is my favorite. Black beans mixed in with tomato-noodle soup. Yum... I am having that as soon as I get home.

  2. Haha, glad to see that I could inspire a craving.

  3. great way to start a blog post