Thursday, March 11, 2010

As I'm sure some of you have inferred from the recent changing of my avatar, I found this old picture of myself a few days ago:

Now, this may seem extreme at first glance, but, to clarify, I am working with photoshop. This is a picture from the office in which I worked two summers ago. I was a marketing intern, and a lot of my job consisted of taking pictures of the company's products and cutting them out of their backgrounds for use in pamphlets and company literature and the like. I don't intend to look like a hunched-over creeper when I use photoshop, but I always just kind of end up leaned into the screen and highly focused on each minute movement of my right hand.

I remember several times when the other people in the office would come in to ask me something or give me new assignments, and I would hear their footsteps but would then jump like a crazy bastard when they started speaking to me. 

It was kinda funny, but I'm sure that everybody in the office thought that I was out of my mind.



  1. I was just browsing through the "math" blogs... and yours came up... nice blog!