Friday, January 22, 2010

The final frontier...

I just finished reading The Promise of Space by Arthur C. Clarke. It was an endeavor, and it took me an entire semester to finish (the book is a reasonably detailed history of rocket science/the space program, and was therefore hard to take in large chunks), but it was thoroughly enjoyable, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in such things. It was written in the late sixties, so it does not cover more recent advancements, but in some ways, I preferred that. It was really cool to read about some of Clarke's predictions for modern day aeronautic technology and reflect upon which ones have come true, which ones were overestimated, and which ones are coming true as we speak.  If I start talking about any of these things in even the most minute detail, I will go on forever, so I'd better not.

Anyway, if you  are even remotely interested in space and what it took to get us out there for the first time and how far we have come since then, I can not recommend this book enough. Go pickup a copy.

I have a big stack of novels sitting over here which I can finally start reading. These should go faster than the non-fiction that I've been reading, and I will report in as I start/finish them.

Tomorrow morning, I will be starting The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. But for now, I'm going to watch some episodes of Angel. My eyes (and mind) are tired.


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