Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why am I suddenly so uncomfortable with my physique? Why do I suddenly hate my body?

Is it because I'm losing weight?

Is it a product of the loneliness?

Is it my shattered self-image?

Wait...yeah, that's probably it.

I have another question. Is it really so unbelievable that oatmeal cookies are my favorite kind of cookie? I love oatmeal cookies so much. I will eat an oatmeal cookie over a chocolate chip cookie (or any other kind of cookie, for that matter) any day of the week. There are days when I will turn down a chocolate chip cookie, but there has yet to be a day when I have been presented with an oatmeal cookie and not replied with, "Hand that shit over." But when I tell people this (at least people my age), they always just stare at me in shock as though they are thinking, "Have you lost your God damned mind?!?"

Is it really that strange?

On the topic of losing weight, here's an ad that I saw the other day on a website.

I mean...I know that they rarely use the same people in the before and after pictures for these things, but come on. Their Photoshop guys didn't even make an effort this time.


1 comment:

  1. While I'm not the biggest cookie fan around, oatmeal raisin has always been my favorite.

    Oh, and I've seen worse than that ad. Ever try to download anything via megaupload? Terrible, terrible ads.