Monday, November 16, 2009

All right.

I would really like to know WHY THE FUCK it is getting hot in Columbia again in the middle of November. This is miserable. And I swear to God, I'm tired of people answering me with, "It's just hot in Columbia. That's the slogan, man, 'Famously Hot.'"


That does not make this kind of weather acceptable. Every time I hear or see that slogan, I want to break out my stranglin' hands. Why the hell would you brag about the fact that the weather in your town makes it an uncomfortable hell hole?

Ugh. Argh. Grah.

Anyway, I'm drinking some hibiscus flavored tang that I procured from the Hispanic isle at Wal-Mart. We'll see how that goes. Check this fancy link a little later for a review.



  1. this is virginia.
    it was 75 degrees today.

    i have had to change my outfit twice today.
    the best thing to do is just hide in the library (it's nice and cool in here).

    don't forget to watch the meteor shower tonight!

  2. We've had a few high 60's days here too. Nothing I'd call "hot", but oddly warm. Especially since it was so damn cold the week before.