Friday, October 30, 2009

I have started playing DDR again lately. I busted the old pads out yesterday out of frustration and stress and the desire to do something physical and expend some testosterone, and I'm starting to wonder why I ever stopped playing this glorious game. It is so much fun. It's also a great stress reliever. My mind clears out almost entirely during play, and my mind is typically a constant flurry of ideas, mathematics, choreographed action sequences, and dark, twisted imagery.

I highly recommend it to people who have high stress levels but not enough time/motivation for a regular exercise routine.

The only problem is that I'm using plastic, folding pads. They're official brand, but they're still kind of a pain. Our living room, much like most other living rooms, is carpeted, so the pads slide around a lot during play. Sometimes they slide partly under the couch, which is a real problem because then I constantly kick the couch with the back of my heel.

I'm thinking about buying a high-quality metal pad, but they are quite expensive.

Also, some friends and I went to an arcade to play today, but the machine froze on us. That sucked.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I just did some quick research and realized that all I need is a Linux Intrepid Ibex boot disk and some crazy commands entered into a terminal and I can have my boot menu back.

If anybody out there has such a disk, please feel free to contact me...
I am currently running Windows 7 on my computer.

From what I have seen so far, it looks just like Vista.

Also, I can't figure out how to boot into Linux. The Boot menu no longer comes up upon startup.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Monday, October 26, 2009


     This is the most distracting billboard ever.

[Photograph taken in Columbia, SC. Click image for larger version.]

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Columbia, SC State Fair

So I went to the state fair this past tuesday, and all I have to show for it is this horrifying picture.

This is really getting out of hand.

But the fair was fun. I went with my girlfriend and a friend of her's, and I think it's safe to say that we all had a pretty good time. I went in skeptical (I haven't been to a fair since I was a young lad in Maryland), but came out a satisfied customer. Most of my fun stemmed came from eating crazy foods such as fried Oreos and fried Pepsi. The mechanical engineer inside of me won't let me ride carnival rides. I know too much about how easily something like that can be fucked up because somebody was lazy or in a hurry.

As for fair games, I didn't play any of those either. Luckily, my girlfriend is not the kind of girl who demands that I win her a prize and I am not the kind of guy who feels he must win fair prizes for his woman to verify his manhood. I almost got conned into playing Whack-a-Mole because I was promised a giant stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog, but then I realized that you first had to win a small prize, find thirty items off of a scavenger hunt list, do a double backflip, juggle five flaming, electrified chainsaws, prostitute yourself at discount prices, and then win again to actually get a big prize. I decided after some deliberation that I was still going to go for it, and as I approached the stand, some excited little kid ran up to one of the competing booths next to me and grasped the mallet with such innocent and juvenile fervor that my entire chest cavity seemed to buckle under the weight of the cuteness before me. The child's mother payed the worker at the stand and they waited for the game to start. I couldn't bring myself to play after that and just walked away. They really need to add "crush a young child's dreams" to their list of requirements for winning a large prize.  

I also finally found some of the ever elusive lemon-lime Tootsie Pops while I was at the fair. I bought three. I had one yesterday, and I have to say...they're not great. Lemon-lime and Tootsie is not the greatest of combinations.

We also went to the petting zoo while we were there, which was pretty depressing. I'm not about to run off and join PETA or anything, but being in that petting zoo and seeing all of those exotic animals in their tiny, unkempt cages gave me a terrible feeling in my stomach. There is something inherently wrong with ripping animals out of their natural habitats, and containing them in little tiny cages so that little children can enjoy looking at them for the few minutes that they manage to stay interested before wanting to go ride the tilt-a-die-your-face-off again. I'm okay with zoos. Animals at zoos are shown proper care and are given appropriate living space. Animals at state fairs are not.

I enjoyed the fair a good bit, though. I really liked walking through the giant display of local art. There are some really talented people in Columbia.

I guess that's all.


Friday, October 23, 2009

This is Doomsday.

Problem 13.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Accidental Eavesdropping

I love walking past people around campus and just hearing snippets of their conversations during the few seconds that they are within audible range.

But today I heard possibly the best.

It was sustainability day today, and a bunch of different organizations and such had booths set up outside of Russell House (our student union and cafeteria, for the uninformed) about how to conserve energy and recycle all sorts of different kinds of waste and all that. After I had walked a good thirty steps or so past the displays, these two girls walked past me going the opposite direction, and I heard one of them say,

"Sustainability? ...Does that have somethin' to do with alcohol?"

Her friend responded, "What? No! It's about saving the world!"

I walked around Russell house with a grin on my face like a doofus for the ensuing five minutes.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I saw a guy today on the bus on my way back from class who had possibly the tackiest watch I've ever seen. It was fairly large, first of all, but under the domed glass (strike one), there were the following ornamented on the face: a rhinestone-encrusted lucky horseshoe (strike two), a hand of cards containing only four aces (strike three), and a pair of glimmering dice (strike four). Also, the watch was loose around his wrist and kept sliding around like a livestrong bracelet (strike five).

It was just terrible.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's finally getting cold in Columbia. I am so happy.
This is horrifying.

I don't think I really even have to say anything clever here. I'm sure you already understand the issue.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm starting to wonder why I bother with this whole blogging thing. During periods in which I do semi-actively blog, I don't see the point because I get no feedback, but during periods in which I don't blog, I want to. I dunno what to do about this feeling.

Anyway, I have been ravenously addicted to this band lately. I just discovered them on the Penny Arcade website a few days ago, and immediately bought their album. And downloaded their first album (which they put up for free and is totally legitimate so please don't fine me into poverty worthy of turning to male prostitution, RIAA). They are incredible, and they are called Anamanaguchi. They use an NES as one of their instruments. Like, a real NES. From the 1980s. That they hacked.

Their music has a very nostalgic feeling, and the main reason that I fell in love with it so expediently was that it brought me back to better times in my youth when I had friends who also enjoyed playing video games and we would all sit around for hours and hours just playing games and talking to each other about anything and everything. Those were the best friends and time that I've ever had, and hearing that 8-bit whine again in a modern context gave me goosebumps. If you only listen to one of their songs, listen to Helix Nebula.

But check them out.

I'm going to try to post more pictures of things. That's what I originally wanted to do with this blog anyway; give people some actual content and not just rant about current events or my life. There are some things in Columbia of which I would like to get pictures, but have not had the time to do so yet. A friend of mine is coming to town for a few days tomorrow, so that will give me an excuse to walk around with my camera at least for a little while.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Never mind about Push Pop: Sliderz. THIS is a travesty.

So Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It's disgusting. Why? Why has he been awarded the prize? He hasn't done anything yet. He has just promised he will. They have given him the prize based on promise, rather than achievement. All it has done is devalue the meaning of the peace prize. If someone can be awarded the prize simply by promising humanitarian efforts, than what does the prize mean?

Put this on the record:

"I, Hayden Fennell, promise to solve world hunger, end world poverty, and bring a general environment of peace to the global human system."

So...where's my peace prize.

If someone can be awarded the peace prize simply by saying that they are going to change the world, than the award means nothing. Reward without effort is worthless.

Or Socialism.

Anyway, I saw Zombieland today. It was pretty good. Not anything profound or meaningful, but it was a lot of fun. I recommend it.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is a travesty.

This is appalling. This is the newest in Push Pop technology. Push Pop: Sliderz.

So it starts like this.

 Then you slide it out.

And you flip it around to allow access to the candy.

This is a disgusting waste of materials. Why do children need a dollar's worth of plastic to enjoy a lollipop? When I was a kid, all I needed was a paper stick and a little bit of tootsie surrounded by a candy shell. It's just a waste. It's candy! It's going to last the kid maybe twenty minutes. It doesn't need to be surrounded in carefully molded plastic. I don't want to hear any more whining about me consuming fuel to operate my motor vehicle until stuff like this is taken off store shelves.

I apologize for the centered text. For some reason Blogger won't justify my text to the left.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't bother me...I'm playing videogames

I thought this shirt was funny. I understand that it is marketed to young children, but the wearer of this shirt is clearly not playing video games if he is out in public. Unless he is Teh Ownerer, but that's another story. I suppose there are portable games, but it's just a terrible shirt with a small window of being accurate.

And the prize on the shirt makes it even funnier. I can imagine the board meeting.

Board Chairman: "Okay guys, we need a gimmick. Word associations. Ready? Red shirt about videogames."

Carl from Marketing: "MONSTER TRUCKS!"


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parking Game

I have started treating parking in the garage at my apartment as a bit of a game recently. I see how close I can get to the wall without touching it. I would say that I've gotten pretty good at it:

These pictures are fuzzy. I need a higher mega pixel camera.


Friday, October 2, 2009


I am so tired.

I am tired of failing to live up to people's expectations. I am tired of staying up all night studying, and failing the test anyway. I am tired of not being able to concentrate on anything. I am tired of summing numbers in my head every time I see a street address or telephone number. I am tired of waking up sick to my stomach from lack of sleep. I am tired of waking up to back and/or muscular pain. I am tired of having music in my head and no way to express it to others. I am tired of getting three hours of sleep per night. When I can actually fall asleep promptly, that is. I am tired of fantasizing about the tools and mechanics of my own demise. I am tired of knowing that I'd never be able to take my own life, but wishing that something else would. I am tired of dreaming about hurting others. I am tired of the anger. I am tired of the crushing sadness. I am tired of the apathy. I am tired of not finding passion in anything. I am tired of not being able to make decisions of any kind in a timely fashion, including but not limited to things as simple as which video game to play or which flavor of Kool-Aid to mix up next. I am tired of this tension in the back of my neck. I am tired of people not understanding what I mean when I say that I dislike lyrics in music. I am tired of people thinking that my music is outlandish and strange. I am tired of occasionally collapsing in my room after returning from class because I don't have the energy to stand. I am tired of pretending like I have a happy and easy-going personality when I meet someone or run into an acquaintance. I am tired of being a nobody. I miss having friends. I miss Baltimore. I miss the days when people actually cared enough to spend time with me or, hell, even write me an e-mail. I miss the days of having something in common with my peers. I am tired of never having any energy. I am tired of struggling to muster up the willpower to pull myself to my elbows in the morning. I am tired of worrying about rationing out my money, and knowing that I really don't have time for a job. I am tired of all of this work work work work work I am doing for engineering so that one day I can get out and get a good job with a good company and design good and wonderful and enriching things for them and get no lasting credit. I am tired of how people jump to my aid when I post something depressing, but once it has "passed" they don't bother checking in. Or ever talking to me again, for that matter. I am tired of being the only one I know who is really actually interested in science. I am tired of people humoring me when I talk about mechanics or materials (or mechanics of materials). I am tired of feeling embarrassed after explaining a concept and realizing that the people or person who I am talking to doesn't really care and now I just look like a big dumb geek. I am tired of football culture. I AM TIRED OF THIS STATE AND ITS HORRIBLE WEATHER. I am tired of being the odd one out in college because I don't give a shit about sporting events and who's playing who and what rank "my" team is in the national bracket. I am tired of not being able to drink cold beverages right now because of tooth problems. I am tired of doing math. I miss having meaningful friendships. I miss bonding with people. I miss knowing people who I felt needed me in their life as much as I needed them in mine. I am tired of getting headaches. I am tired of not eating consistently. I am terrified because I can feel my ADD resurfacing like an atomic submarine, and I do not want to go back on meds. I am terrified because I can feel my depression resurfacing like a whale, and I do not want to go back on meds. I am terrified because I can feel my anxiety issues developing at the rate of an infant fly, and I do not want to go on meds.

I am just so tired.

But I really love driving. I am tired of how expensive gas is. But I really love driving. I should probably try to do more of that.