Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There is a man in my solids class who typically brings two or three twenty-ounce bottles of Coke Zero to class with him. He also typically drinks all of them before class is over. It is outrageous.

I understand thirsty people. I am one of them. I can drink and drink and drink and never be satiated. If you spend any time with me, you will notice that when I am not out somewhere, I almost always have some sort of liquid at hand. So I understand the desire to surround oneself with beverages. But this man confounds me. How can somebody possibly drink three bottles of Coke Zero? First of all, it tastes bad. And secondly, how can one consume so much carbonated liquid in a fifty minute time-period? I don't understand. He defies nature.

I thought it was weird, but today it became outright comical. I guess he got tired of carrying around several bottles of Coke Zero at all times, because today he apparently decided to just screw it and bring in a two-liter.

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