Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I woke up horribly ill last night at three in the morning to a wonderful surprise thunderstorm. It was wonderful, that is, until I got a stabbing pain in the back of my head, my skin started to crawl, and my stomach began to feel as though something terrible was trying to leap out of it. I got up and stumbled in a delirious, dizzy stupor to my bathroom, at which point I hesitated over the sink, feeling just fine for a brief moment, and then vomited violently into the toilet.

I think the culprit was a gyro that I ate for dinner last night. I thought that the tzatziki sauce tasted a little off, but at that point I had already committed to it. Stopping mid-gyro is a sin of the highest degree.

So I had a pretty terrible morning. I did however, get to fall back asleep to the sound of rain on my window and distant rolls of thunder. That was a treat. I wish it rained here more often...

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