Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ah, engineering...

I'm pretty much fully into my classes already. I've already been assigned a ton of work that's due next week. I don't know how to do any of it, either. There's been this trend in all of my classes so far this semester of professors assigning homework covering material that they have not taught yet.

It's hard. This semester is looking really tough already.

In other news, there's another Professor Layton game out for the DS. As soon as I can secure enough money to be comfortable parting with thirty dollars of it, I will be buying it. I really loved the first one. I still need to go back and beat all of the extra puzzles in the first one.

I've also been working on my Marvel vs. Capcom 2 skills lately. If this means anything to anyone, I think I've decided on an Iceman/Cyclops/Cable team. Iceman may be switched out for someone else later on, as I'd like to have some more variety. Three X-Men seems like a waste of the brand colaboration (although it is funny that the four characters in the god tier are all X-Men).


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