Thursday, July 30, 2009


Greenwood, South Carolina is a town of many horrifying acts of idiotic or careless advertising. This is one of the worst that I have seen recently. I noticed this billboard on the way back into Greenwood on my drive home from school at the end of the semester. I took a picture and forgot about it, but stumbled across it in my pictures folder the other day. Here it is:

This is disgusting. That's all there is to it. It's just disgusting. And if you don't see why it's disgusting, than you have some soul searching to do.

I have a bunch of these pictures hidden away in this folder. I think I'm going to start posting them more regularly.

I just ordered Guilty Gear X2 for the Playstation 2 from Amazon. I've been on a really strong fighting game kick lately. I need to find people at school who are willing to play competitively. Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Check back soon for more pictures.


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  1. yes yes.
    welcome to greenwood.
    at least it caught your attention haha