Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Would you care for a stopsmokingrette?

My roommate recently found this box of Canadian cigarettes on the street, and honestly, we think it's hilarious.

We thought that there was something suspicious about the whole thing here, so we did some research and found out that the Canadian government just made it mandatory for all cigarette companies to put highly visible health warnings on the packages. Although I support their efforts to cut down on smoking, I think that this is kind of outrageous. Just look at some more of this stuff:

This is effectively the most self-defeating packaging I've ever seen. I think most people realize that cigarettes are not good for you. People smoke because they want to. Is all this really necessary? I dunno. I just find it really funny that there are directions on how to quit smoking in a box of smokes. It's very possible the most paradoxical thing I've ever seen.

Oh, and there's a calender in the bottom of the insert.

For no apparent reason.


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